Rescue & Safety Training

Uniquely Practical, Hands-on Training

AMRC’s style of training is different because, from our extensive involvement in real emergency response incidents, we recognise the importance of practicing operations as a team. For this reason, our training is conducted in a practical, scenario-based team setting (we have fewer classroom sessions than any other training provider), and we focus on individual and team skill competencies.

All aspects of our training are delivered so that participants fully understand that their basic emergency response training requires them not only to demonstrate high individual competencies, but also to integrate these skills into a team setting. During all stages of individual skill acquisition, skills are continuously trialled and evaluated in team-based scenarios, which are then debriefed with respect to individual competency and the team’s performance. The objective is for each individual to be a skilled, safe and competent member of their emergency response team.

“We recognise the importance of practicing operations as a team.”

All AMRC’s training is conducted on-site, to maximize the relevance to those participating. On-site training enables familiarity with site equipment, and allows realistic scenarios to be conducted to reflect likely incidents or areas where incidents may occur on-site. Our aim is to develop capable and disciplined team members who are familiar with site-specific equipment, procedures and potential incidents, and can manage any incident or emergency situation.

Quality Assurance & Nationally Recognised Standards

In recognition of our high training and organisational standards, AMRC has been awarded National Training Organisation status (RTO Provider #52279). All AMRC training courses and assessments are nationally accredited in compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). All course participants receive nationally accredited training and certificates. AMRC’s training materials, resources and tools have all passed a recent full desktop audit by the Training Accreditation Council of WA. Having been on the receiving end of emergency response training ourselves, all ARMC trainers agree strongly with industry concern about compliance with AQTF requirements (e.g. ensuring completion of all pre-requisite units prior to being certified competent in a particular course). For this reason, we set a strong ethical standard of ‘doing the right thing’ by our clients, and ensuring that all AQTF quality standards are met. This ensures that when our clients are audited, they will be able to demonstrate 100% legislative compliance for all training received.

“AMRC’s training will deliver the highest level of readiness & competence for your emergency personnel to manage any emergency.”

AMRC’s strongly positive client feedback about our innovative training and high standards, demonstrates strong client satisfaction. AMRC is committed to long-term relationships with clients, and our client evaluation forms, in addition to the regular training our consultants receive through their work in emergency response, will ensure that AMRC stays at the cutting edge of the industry. By using AMRC as your emergency training providers, you will have an emergency response team that has received the best quality training in all areas of site rescue and safety, and has successfully dealt with a range of emergency scenarios tailored specifically to on-site situations, using the site’s own equipment. AMRC’s training will deliver the highest level of readiness and competence for your emergency personnel to manage any emergency.

Please contact us for our full list of Nationally Accredited Training Courses.


Industry Experience & Proven Abilities

Our consultants are the best; not only do our clients receive consultants who are accredited specialists in the field of emergency response in which they are instructing, at the client’s request we also provide consultants with direct experience in their field; underground or surface mining, fire and rescue, processing and manufacturing.

AMRC recognises that an understanding of industry operations and safety standards is vital, therefore our consultants have backgrounds in industry (e.g. Mine Engineering, Mine Management and Mine Rescue) as well as real incident management (Fire and Rescue, Special Air Service, Mine Emergency Response). AMRC consultants stay at the forefront of new techniques and equipment by continuing to work professionally in relevant industries.

AMRC also understands the importance of providing trainers who can actually deliver training effectively. For this reason, as well as being highly competent in their area of expertise, all AMRC consultants are accredited training specialists, qualified to deliver and assess competency-based training. The professionalism and interpersonal and training skills of our consultants are consistently commended in client feedback forms.

On-Site Training Only

One of AMRC’s key differences is our commitment to on-site training, to maximize the relevance to those participating. Too often in this industry, training is not conducted on-site, and is not site-specific. AMRC’s on-site training ensures that rescue teams are trained on their own equipment, using site-specific scenarios to expose teams to actual on-ground conditions and risks. In addition, AMRC does not sell equipment, which ensures that our training is based on the equipment that has been selected for that site in a professional and unbiased manner.