Contract Personnel Services

AMRC can provide mine sites and other industry clients with highly experienced contract personnel and associated services, to meet our clients’ contract staffing and operational needs, including during construction and shutdowns.

  • Emergency Service Officers
  • Safety Officers/ Safety Advisors for all operations and shutdowns
  • Site paramedics/ Emergency Medical Officers
  • Confined space sentries
  • Personnel for on-site OHS audits
  • Personnel for contractor and site-specific safety inductions
  • Personnel for alcohol and other drug screens
  • Personnel for atmospheric monitoring
  • Consultants to deliver nationally accredited training in rescue and emergency response, as described on our Training page
  • Consultants to undertake risk assessments, inspections and site safety/compliance audits, as descried on our Consultancies and Audits page


Practical, Scenario-Based Training

Our more scenario-based training style exposes participants to a wide range of realistic emergency scenarios, which we tailor specifically to each client’s individual conditions, risks and potential incidents. Feedback from our clients strongly confirms the value of this approach, particularly with respect to developing team leadership and teamwork of emergency personnel, and their ability to manage the unexpected.