About AMRC

Australian Mine Rescue Consultants (AMRC) is an emergency response and rescue consultancy, providing emergency management and planning, risk assessments, audit, training, and contract personnel to mining and industry sectors, with a focus on developing effective emergency response teams and meeting industry staffing and operational safety needs. We provide specialist consultancy and deliver nationally recognised and accredited training for emergency response personnel. AMRC is receiving growing industry attention for our leading standards in training, planning, and contract personnel. We would like to offer managers of emergency response teams the opportunity to learn more about what sets AMRC apart.

“AMRC is receiving growing industry attention for our leading standards in training, risk assessments, and personnel experience.”

AMRC has been delivering emergency response training since 2005. AMRC has established a reputation for premium-quality training and consultancy, and for being committed to the highest standards in emergency response/management for the benefit of industry clients. AMRC has set a new standard by tailoring services to clients’ operational needs, and by using uniquely-skilled consultants with industry-proven track records in training, along with a different, more practical style of delivery. We have broad backgrounds in team and leadership development, have direct industry experience, and importantly we also have extensive professional experience with real emergency response incidents. These backgrounds in industry, team-building, crisis team leadership and emergency response have enabled AMRC to develop superior training packages, proven to engage and motivate participants while delivering specialist skills. In addition we offer highly trained safety officers and other contract personnel to meet industry staffing needs.

AMRC’s differences, and their benefits to our clients, are listed in the columns on the right hand side of this page and the Training and Consulting pages… Briefly, AMRC’s key advantages include the strengths of our team, our more consultative and client-focussed approach, and our uniquely practical, team-driven training training and operational style.

“Our team combines the best of academic knowledge, hands-on industry experience & the most effective training and operational safety techniques.”

Strengths of our Team

AMRC has built a team that combines the best of academic knowledge, hands-on industry experience and, equally importantly, the most effective training and operational safety techniques. All consultants and contract personnel are selected for their extensive skills in relevant industries and real-life emergency incident management (fire and rescue, mine emergency response, military, mine management and engineering. Our training staff are also selected for their outstanding delivery skills; a feature of AMRC which is highly valued by our clients and about which we receive strong commendation.

Founders of AMRC

Louis King

  • Geological Engineer.
  • 6 years underground mining experience.
  • 5 years as mine rescue team instructor, vice captain and medic in an award-winning mine rescue team (winners of multiple WA underground and surface rescue competitions).
  • Implemented new mine rescue techniques in the Goldfields.
  • 6 years experience (ongoing) as a professional fireman with the Western Australian Fire Brigade.

Terry Hewett

  • 12 years with the Australian Army (10 years with the Special Air Service Regiment).
  • 21 years running a team development and leadership company (Adventure Out) with 10 years delivering mine rescue training through Adventure Out.


We Are Outcomes-Based

We have an outcomes-based approach, measuring our success by our clients’ outcomes. As such, it is a core part of our company philosophy to consult closely with our clients, to develop procedures, training and resources that best suit the clients’ needs. We do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ service; instead we tailor all training, audits and personnel services to clients’ requirements, to ensure outcomes and staff are relevant to site conditions, equipment and operations.

Another value of AMRC is that all training is conducted by qualified consultants, using a wide range of on-site emergency scenarios. Importantly, this approach enables all components of a team’s capabilities to be audited as part of the course; including preparation and preparedness of personnel, incident response and management, site procedures and resources. Post-course reports are provided to all clients, detailing the training and any observations or recommendations that may assist the site’s emergency department to meet occupational health and safety obligations.

We Do Not Cut Corners

All AMRC training courses and assessments are nationally accredited in compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). All course participants receive nationally-accredited training, and are awarded nationally-recognised certificates.

AMRC is strongly opposed to cutting corners on AQTF compliance. For that reason, AMRC does not issue certificates to anyone who has not met the required competencies, or who has not yet completed the pre-requisite or co-requisite qualifications for a particular course. Such practices, where they occur in the industry, undermine the quality of training and the reliability of the certificates of competence.

We Were the First to Combine Qualifications — Saving Our Clients $$

In direct contrast to the practice of issuing certificates before pre- or co-requisites are achieved, AMRC works actively to ensure course participants obtain qualifications in the required order. To provide additional value, we were also the first company to structure our courses to incorporate pre/co-requisite qualifications within a single course, saving our clients both time and money. Contact us for details.

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